So, what is Mentalism anyway?

Craig’s professional mentalism show combines psychology, persuasion, and intuition into a unique brand of entertainment that will leave your guests astonished. He can read your body language and know what you are thinking or what you will do before you do it. He can persuade you to make choices or decisions without you knowing.

Craig is so intuitive you might actually believe he can read minds! Your guests will be engaged and included in the demonstrations. Craig uses his skills to act as a human lie detector reading body language and micro expressions, divine names from your past, and duplicate drawings or words you are merely thinking of. But don’t worry, it’s professional and nobody will be embarrassed.

“That’s Killer!”
– Scott Light, co-host of EVB Live

Who is Craig Anthony?

Craig is a professional mentalist who performs all around the state of Arizona. Craig grew passionate in magic and the art of mentalism at a young age. He began performing in grade school and hasn’t stopped. He studied magic as a kid and has been able to turn his dream into a reality. After several years of working as an engineer, Craig has turned to mentalism full time. He uses his skills and intuition to amaze audiences around the valley.

In addition to performing, Craig also travels around the world, lecturing about different types of mentalism to other professional magicians and mentalists. He has earned the respect of his peers and is constantly asked to help consult and assist in perfecting shows around the world. While his client list remains confidential, he has personally consulted for some of the best working magicians and mentalists all over the world.

Craig is very versatile; He can perform in a mingling environment such as a cocktail party, during larger parties like luncheons or dinner parties, and even on stage much like corporate events. He has over 25 years of performing experience. His show is unlike any other you will ever experience. Do you want your mind blown? Do you want to walk out of your party wondering, ‘was that real’? Craig specializes in bypassing your conscious mind and connecting with your subconscious. He will not only astonish your guests, but also leave the party making you look like a genius for hiring him.

Watch The Performance On EVB Live!

Craig Anthony, live On National TV.

Craig has been featured in a number of publications and television shows, including this spot on the NBC Channel 12 show, EVB Live, promoting his performance at the Arizona Science Center. Watch as show hosts Tram Mai and Scott Light get blown away by one of Craig’s many mentalism routines.

“What? That was my lucky number. Oh my GOSH! How do you do that?”

– Tram Mai, co-host of EVB Live

Craig is amazing! He can read your brainwaves, and bend metal – right in front of your eyes.

– John Gallagher

What Can He Do?

Watch Craig Anthony in Action.

From exclusive parlor shows throughout the Valley to street magic in the vibrant night club scene, Craig skillfully performs feats of mentalism that astound and amaze his audience. Drawing on years of expereince and a passion for his craft, he artfully blends reality and illusion, making a Craig Anthony performance truly unforgettable.

“I thought it was unbelievable! Some of the things he did… I’ve never seen before. I don’t know how he did it, it was amazing.”

– Victor Rangel

“So, I got a reading. And, he knew everything – my sign, my friend’s sign and her name. I have no idea how he knew that. It was really insane!”

– Kellie Coleman

Which Show Suits You?

Parlor Show

Parlor shows are typically with a captive audience of 20-100 people in a quiet environment. This is where Craig can perform his strongest pieces with lots of audience participation.

Strolling Show

Craig will comfortably fit in and perform while mingling with your guests. This is an opportunity to experience the mystery up close and personal.

Stage Show

Stage shows are a larger version of the Parlour show for large audiences. Your audience members will be engaged and blown away by the mind-boggling demonstrations.

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