Your Event

Strolling Magician / Mentalist

Strolling magic, or walk-around magic, is close up sleight-of-hand and mentalism that can be performed for small groups at a time. Craig will interact with all of your guests, giving each small group their own show. Strolling magic typically works best when your guests spend a majority of their time socializing.

PARLOR Magician / Mentalist

Parlor shows are typically performed with a captive audience of 20-100 people in a quiet environment. It is more intimate than a stage show and can be performed in a smaller environment. Parlor shows are perfect for home parties or gatherings at restaurants or smaller venues.

STAGE Magician / Mentalist

Stage shows are a larger version of the Parlor show, but for bigger audiences. Your audience members will be engaged and blown away by the mind-boggling demonstrations. Even with a big crowd, Craig will be able to connect with many of your guests!

What People Are Saying


Craig is a professional magician and mentalist who has performed all over the world and currently resides in Arizona. After working many years in senior management at a Fortune 500 high-tech company, Craig has followed his true passion. He performs full time and consults for the top professionals in the industry including David Copperfield and David Blaine. He has also consulted for magician on America’s Got Talent, Jay Leno, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon and many other television shows internationally.

Craig has also even been featured on Fox 10 News and NBC 12’s EVB Live. He has over 25 years of performing experience and continues to amaze audiences everywhere. He will not only astonish your guests, but also leave the party making you look like a genius for hiring him! Contact Craig here or call him at (602) 316-8100!